Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Gravel Parking Pad For Our Boat - Need more space in your garage?

Since adding a boat to our list of items that take up to much room in our garage, we decided to attempt our own DIY gravel parking pad. The first thing we did before starting the project was research online for any videos, tips or how to's that could help make the process less painful for us. To our surprise there wasn't a good video that we could find. So we decided to record our project and share our wealth of knowledge (or lack there of) to the world!!! Below is the link that shows our step by step process. We are extremely happy with the results!

                                                            (Look Familiar??)                                                          

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Eye Primer TEST: MAC, Bare Minerals, NYX, Sephora and Clinque

I know I'm not the only women out there that gets frustrated with eye makeup looking great in the morning but then by noon it looks like you went to a car wash and forgot to roll up your windows. Your eyelids end up looking like a cake-E mess and you definitely don't look as good come the middle of the day as you did at the beginning. I was fed up with this problem so I went looking for an eye primer. However, I learned the hard way that most primers don't work or they don't last all day and into the night. I originally thought that my eyeshadow was the problem, but after experimenting with several different brands I still had the same ugly evening eye shadow. For days, weeks and even months I tried different combinations of primer with expensive eye shadow and then really cheap shadow. I was surprised to find out that the key was the primer. The primer must be right to make it last all day and into the night. I didn't take pictures, which I wish I had, because I didn't plan on this experiment. It happened by chance. By the time I was testing my 4th primer I knew I had to tell everyone the primer that FINALLY worked.

                                             PRIMERS THAT FAILED ME:

Sephora: This was definitely the worst out of all the primers. I tried expensive and cheap shadows and liners with no luck. Good bye Sephora!

MAC: I was shocked that MAC didn't work out because MAC has a good reputation. I thought I wouldn't have to worry about returning it (I almost threw away the receipt). I was surprised to learn that even if I used all MAC products on my eyes along with MAC primer it still didn't work.

Bare Minerals: I had high hopes with this primer but was disappointed. I needed something that would last all day and into the evening and this maybe lasted until around 1:00. I also bought Bare Minerals eye shadow and it didn't make a difference. All eye shadows had the same results. Back to the store it went.

                               PRIMERS THAT EASILY WON ME OVER!

NYX: This primer worked surprisingly great! It was recommended to me by a girl I was standing next to in the line at the MAC store (funny that I was in line to buy the MAC primer that didn't work). I could tell she was serious about how much she loved it. The added bonus is that it's only $7. I was surprised by how wet it goes on go on. I do let it dry some before applying eye shadow. NYX beat out the other 3 primers easily and my eye makeup looked great into the evening. Definitely kept this one in my cabinet!

Clinique: I didn't want to pay the price for it (around $20), but after seeing the results I had no regrets. Clinique is my number 1 primer. My eye makeup easily looked great into the evening, just like NYX. I like it slightly better than NYX because it doesn't go on so wet. I can apply my eyeshadow quickly after applying the Cinique primer. No need to return this primer! Both Clinique and NYX give me great looking eyes all day and into the evening.

So, there you have it. I am not benefiting in anyway writing this review. I just wanted to share my results to hopefully save you some time when searching for your favorite eye primer.