Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to Remove Ink From Clothes Using Rubbing Alcohol

I hate ink stains in clothes, especially if it ruins them. I wanted to share my successful experience with removing ink using Rubbing Alcohol. My husband completely ruined his Airforce uniform with a pen leaking through a pocket. We didn't want to buy a new uniform because he was retiring from the Airforce in a few months. I had nothing to loose but to try anything to get it out. After researching online, I saw suggestion about using rubbing alcohol. Again, I had nothing to loose but to try it.

Before beginning, just know that rubbing alcohol is strong smelling and a strong product that is flammable. Read the label for warnings and cautions. Use gloves if you are concerned about skin contact. Test on a small unnoticeable area before trying on a large area.

So here are before pictures. When I began the process, I noticed that the ink was coming out, but it would bleed out underneath and get on the other side of the clothes. So, I put an absorbent cloth under the stain and then poured rubbing alcohol over the stain. I began to blot with another absorbent cloth. The key is to have something absorb the ink as it comes out. You may have to repeat the same process a few times, depending on the stain.

Here is the end result and we didn't have to buy a new uniform. Now I'm sure there are other ways to remove ink stains, but this is what I used and I still use. When I took the pictures, the uniform was still wet.

Another note: A lot of products that are sold in stores that claim to remove ink have a main ingredient and it's alcohol. If you buy rubbing alcohol, you have your weapon to do the job. You can buy different strengths, so the higher the strength, the stronger it is. The label will say the % of alcohol.